AGLIANICO is a rich and intense red wine with hints of cherries and spice. Produced in the Campania region of Southern Italy.

2011 Vintage


FALANGHINA is a crisp & zesty white wine with lovely aromatics and intense mineral flavors. Produced in the Campania Region of Southern Italy.

2014 Vintage


Sparkling FALANGHINA is a fruity & floral Italian Sparkling white wine. Produced in the Campania Region of Southern Italy.

Vintage 2014


Campania, meaning “happy land”, quietly rests near the bustling city of Naples, Italy. Campania’s strong historical links to wine and vine date back to the 12th Century BC, and is one of Italy’s oldest wine regions. The wines produced in this region are influenced by ancient empires including the Greeks, Romans and Byzantines.

Graffiti wine chose to partner with Terra di Briganti Winery, whose grapes were born from a family tradition of expert farmers, grown with passion and what they called, ‘Fruits of the Earth’.

Located a few kilometres from Benevento in the hills of Casalduni, the climate has optimal sunlight exposure resting on gentle slopes, allowing the Briganti family to harvest grapes that conserve the quality and taste of the past. They have chosen traditional medium charred French oak barrels from the Allier area to refine and soften the wine.

Terra di Briganti produces organic wines by using natural pesticides and fertilizers. In order to help the environment and reduce CO2 emissions, the winery adopts many environmentally sustainable measures including, the installation of photovoltaic panels to produce the energy necessary to run the winery, light glass bottles and cardboard products from recycled paper.