GRAFFITI wine CHARDONNAY is an excellent dry white with well defined varietal characteristics . A light and beautiful Chardonnay, it has a soft body and refreshing melon flavors. This wine is exceptionally straight forward in it’s flavor profile, with subtle toasted oak flavors.


GRAFFITI wine CABERNET SAUVIGNON has great fruit flavors and polished tannins. There are aromas of dark fruit, blackberry, cherry, cassis, plum, vanilla and slight cocoa and chocolate notes. A smooth red wine with medium body, nice balance and a long finish.


GRAFFITI wine ROSE’  has a vivid pink color, aromas and flavors of fresh strawberry, cranberry and red cherry and finishes with a mouthwatering, a lip-smacking, fresh fruit, punch in the nose.


According to legend, Hernán Cortés and his soldiers quickly depleted the wine they brought with them from Spain celebrating the conquest of the Aztec Empire in 1521. Because of this, one of Cortés’ first acts as governor was to order the planting of grapevines throughout New Spain.

This area of Coahuila soon became a major wine producer due to its climate and good supplies of water. The vines that were established here were later exported to the Napa Valley in California and South America.

Graffiti Wine chose Antigua Hacienda de Perote to partner with –  one of the oldest wineries in the Americas, established  in the late 1500’s.

The winery is set high in the hills of Coahuila, in the estate of Perote. Its ancient cellars in Perote, are located in deep in the rugged hills, in the valley of Coahuila, considered one of the most beautiful areas in Northern Mexico.